The Apprenticeship Process

  • Application & Acceptance
  • Pre Trade (Or Not)…
  • We find you a job.
  • We look after you.
  • And then you’re done.
Application And Acceptance.

First off you need to get in touch with us, you can either ask for an information pack here or you can come in and see us.


Either way you’ll get your hands on some more information about how the process works, some brochures about the trades you might be interested in and that sort of thing.  Then once you send that back or phone us up, we’ll set you up as a candidate for apprenticeship.


You'll be invited in for an assessment, then an interview with one of our training managers.

Pre Trade (Or Not)…

If you’re fresh out of school or haven’t got any background in the trades then don’t worry. We may refer you to SIT for a pre-apprenticeship course or we may place you directly into an apprenticeship.


The pre-apprenticeship courses generally run from 6 to 10 months and they’ll give you the start you need to hit the ground running. The course generally counts as the first year of your apprenticeship, so it makes finding you an apprenticeship that much easier.

We find you a job.

Once you’re out of your pre apprenticeship course then we’ll find you placement as an apprentice with a host company and take care of all the paperwork involved.


We've a lot of contact with and receive a lot of enquiries from a wide range of companies across a wide range of trades.


We'll make sure that you are placed with a company that can provide all the practical training required for your qualification. We also make all the arrangements for your theory training, be it through evening class and/or block course and/or correspondence.


Southern Group Training pays all your training fees for you.

We look after you.

While you’re doing your apprenticeship we’ll have regular visits with you to make sure that everything is on track. Some apprenticeships require you to attend a block course. If this block course is held outside of Invercargill Southern Group Training will make the necessary arrangements for your travel and accommodation and will pay the associated costs. 


If for any reason your host company is unable to provide the full range of training or has insufficient on-going work, we will place you with a second host company. Generally speaking you will spend the entirety of your apprenticeship with the same host company


We pay our apprentices fortnightly by direct credit to the bank account of your choice. We also pay for all your training fees and you are eligible for an interest free tool loan.

And then you’re done.

It's taken you around three to four years to finish your apprenticeship, you're debt free, fully trained and highly sought after by employers. Congratulations.


During this time, because you've been 'earning as you're learning' you've had the ability to afford lifestyle choices that you may not have had were you a student.


You also have a range of career paths available to you.