The Automotive Industry:

Light automotive engineers check, service and repair motors vehicles and their parts and systems.


They work on cars, vans, trucks while heavy automotive engineers service and repair heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, bulldozers and tractors.


Automotive electricians install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, and electrical and electronic systems in vehicles and marine equipment.

What you’d be doing:

If you successfully completed the first level of your apprenticeship through a relevant pre trade course you will now be able to move onto the next level of your qualification.


As an apprentice in the automotive industry you will complete the theory components of your qualification through correspondence with the option of a one week block course.


The practical components will be taught in the workplace.

Example trades  & Apprentices:


Trade Information Apprentice Profile
Light Automotive Engineer  
Heavy Automotive Engineer (Plant & Equipment) Shane Mulqueen
Heavy Automotive Engineer (Road Transport) Brett Hamilton
Automotive Electrician Michelle Beer
Car Parts Salesperson Katie Haldane