The Building Industry

Carpenters work on site building, repairing and installing structures such as foundations, walls, roofs, windows and doors in large and small buildings.


Joiners’ measure, cut, prepare and assemble timber and timber board products to make kitchen cabinets, doors windows frames, and stairs.


Plumbers and gas fitters assemble, install and repair the pipes, fixtures and fittings used to supply water and gas or remove wastes.

What you’d be doing:

If you successfully completed a relevant carpentry pre apprenticeship course you will have completed all the theory components of your qualification and now can focus on achieving competency in the practical on job tasks. 


If you have not done the theory then you can complete it through correspondence and / or a series of block courses.


Examples Trades & Apprentices


Trade Information Apprentice Profile
Carpenter Kenny Soper
Joiner Sophie Harpur
Plumber Brendan Crawford
Floor and Wall Tiler Karl Auckram