2009 Otago Southland Grass Kart Finals

The Grass Kart Challenge is competed for by secondary school teams from throughout Otago and Southland with five secondary schools from Canterbury also entering this year.



The weekend began on Friday evening with the scrutineering of the karts, along the judging of the construction and appearance awards.  While this was being done each team gave a 3 – 5 minute presentation as the final component of the record keeping award which also included teams producing a manufacturing log and a budget with costs and donations.


On Saturday the fifteen teams were spilt into two groups with one completing the sprint and the other the slalom race.  After an hour and a half the teams swapped with the best time for each team going towards their points for the performance category. 


The relay races began after lunch with three teams competing in each heat with teams completing eight laps with four driver changes.  All schools competed in two heats with their best time deciding the eight teams to go into the semi final.  Two semi final heats with the first two teams in each heat going through to the final which was hotly contested.  Rangiora A won the relay from Southland Boys High School in second place and Northern Southland College in third place.


Entry to the 2010 Grass Kart Challenge, to be hosted in Invercargill, can be made by contacting Southern Group Training info@apprenticeships.net


We'll have a lot more results, photos and videos coming over the next week.


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