Knowledge In Action Awards

In 2004 the Engineering Industry Training Organisation (Competenz) introduced the Knowledge in Action Awards which were established to celebrate excellence in industry training and development. The awards are to recognise businesses that are committed to training and upskilling their workforce and to making sustainable improvements across their businesses.

  • Corporate Award – Corporate Workplace Training and Development
  • SME Award – Small to Medium Business Workplace Training and Development
  • Workplace Safety Award – Occupational Health and Safety Activity
  • Registered Assessor of the Year – Quality Assurance Procedures and Registration Activity

One award of particular interest to Southern Group Training Trust is the Registered Assessor of the Year Award. The award recognises the efforts of an outstanding Workplace Assessor and their commitment to industry training.


Assessors must be active in the job of assessing engineering apprentices; have registered credits with Competenz during the award year; met the requirements for Competenz quality assurance procedures and have made a consistent contribution to quality training in the workplace




2003 Michael Weusten National Runner Up
2004 Michael Weusten National Winner
2005 Donald Ross National Finalist
2006/2007 Donald Ross South Island Regional Winner
Michael Weusten was runner up for the Assessor of the Year award in 2003 and won the award in 2004.
Donald Ross South Island Registered Workplace Assessor of the Year.


In 2005 Southern Group Training was Runner Up in the National SME Award.

left to right: Michael Weusten Chairperson Engineering South, Donald Ross Engineering Training Manager, Glenys McKenzie Manager, Tony Greenwood Competenz Southern Area Manager


".......The runner up in the SME category, taking away $5,000, is the Southern Group Training Trust – a charitable trust formed in 1999 to encourage and enable more Southland businesses to become involved in apprentice training, in turn creating a skilled workforce within the region.

Southern Group Training Trust has displayed an ongoing commitment to industry training by encouraging companies to take on apprentices in the Southland area. The group works with people seeking apprenticeships and with companies which may benefit from having an apprentice........."


-From the Competenz press release on the Awards