Southland Regional WorldSkills 2008


WorldSkills New Zealand is a Trust dedicated to encouraging young people to excel in vocational skills. The organisation provides a model for excellence in industry training and setting goals for young people to aspire to in their personal development. It gives them confidence, assertiveness, a feeling of responsibility and the ability to seek new challenges within their work.




This is achieved through exposure to WorldSkills competitions at a regional, national and ultimately international "Olympic" level. The purpose of WorldSkills New Zealand is to:

  • Raise the standard of skills training.
  • Raise the self confidence and self esteem of the young apprentices.
  • To have New Zealand recognised as one of the highest skilled nations in the world.


Through regional and national WorldSkills competitions WorldSkills New Zealand can provide local companies, polytechnics and other training institutions with performance benchmarks. This enables them to compare training standards around the country and internationally through participation in WorldSkills Competitions.


Eligible winners of the regional competitions will go through to the national competition on the 18 - 20 of September which is being held at WelTech in Wellington.


Following the National WorldSkills competition in September, an international team will be selected to a strict competitor and skill criteria to represent New Zealand at the International WorldSkills competition in Calgary, Canada in September 2009.


WorldSkills CEO Peter Spencer saying a few words about the competition.

WorldSkills CEO Peter Spencer presenting plumbing competitors with their participation certificates.