Brenley Marshall Light Fabrication Engineer

After completing his secondary schooling at Central Southland College, Brenley successfully applied to undertake the engineering pre apprenticeship programme at the Southern Institute of Technology. At the completion of the programme in late 2007 Brenley was offered an apprenticeship with Southern Group Training and has been placed on secondment with Crown Sheetmetal Ltd.


During the pre apprenticeship programme students cover various health and safety requirements including first aid, safe use of hand tools and safe use of power tools all of which enables them to be safer in the workplace. They are also trained in the Level 2 unit standards requirements of their apprenticeship qualification which enables the student to be more useful in the workplace from the very commencement of their apprenticeship.


Employers prefer to employ people with a good understanding of the health and safety issues in the workplace and who are able to be useful from day one. The pre apprenticeship programme also allows the student to demonstrate a good work ethic and an understanding of the need to be able to develop and maintain good timekeeping skills.