Ashley McHugh - Apprentice Carpenter

Having completed his NCEA Level 1 and 2 at Central Southland College Ashley successfully applied to Southern Group Training for a carpentry apprenticeship and has been placed with Keith Cooper Builder for his practical on job training.


To complete the Level 4 National Certificate in Carpentry Ashley must complete a range of unit standards comprising both theory and practical elements. Ashley’s off job theory training is being provided through distance learning.


He has a ‘box of books’ which contains theory workbooks which he must complete and return for marking on a regular basis if he is to make good progress through his studies. It is to Ashley’s advantage to put together a study schedule to make sure that he has put time aside each week to work on his assignments.


Ashley is also required to keep a log book of the various tasks he has completed in the workplace as evidence of his growing competency in various practical unit standards. To achieve practical competency Ashley has to be able to complete the required practical tasks consistently well, unsupervised, in a commercial timeframe, using safe work practices.


It is the apprentice’s responsibility to keep and regularly update his logbook so that assessments can be undertaken in a timely manner.