Aston Mason - Apprentice Electrician

Having completed his secondary schooling at Central Southland College Aston successfully applied to, and partially completed, the electrical pre apprenticeship course at the Southern Institute of Technology. He was offered, mid way through the course, an apprenticeship with Southern Group Training and placed on secondment with the Alliance Group Lorneville.


While most apprentices spend their apprenticeship with one host company Southern Group Training has the ability to place an apprentice with another host company if the original host has insufficient ongoing work, or is unable to provide training in all the unit standards required to enable the apprentice to complete his qualification.

While the Alliance Group is Aston’s primary host company for his practical on job training, during the course of his apprenticeship Southern Group Training will place Aston with several secondary host companies to enable him to complete the full range of commercial and domestic electrical unit standards required to complete his Level 4 National Certificate