Ben Evans - Heavy Fabrication Engineer

After completing his secondary education at Central Southland College Ben enrolled in the engineering pre apprenticeship course, Level 2 National Certificate in Fabrication Welding, at the Southern Institute of Technology. Completion of the Level 2 unit standards through the pre apprenticeship course was effectively the completion of the first year of Ben’s apprenticeship theory requirements and reduced the amount of time it took him to complete his qualification.


The theory elements are taught through weekly evening classes. Once Ben had completed the theory assessment for a unit standard he was then able to be assessed in the practical elements, provided that he was able to prove that he was competent in the various tasks.


Ben needed to maintain a regular record of all the tasks he completed as he collected and wrote up evidence of his competency for assessment. Failure to maintain good records can add considerably to the length of time it takes to complete an apprenticeship.


Ben was employed by Southern Group Training which placed him on secondment with E Type Engineering for the duration of his apprenticeship.