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Southern Group Training Trust is an apprentice employer. We pay you the apprentice, your host company pays us for your time, and we make sure that you’re learning what you need to complete your apprenticeship qualification.


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Our experienced, industry trained Training Managers help keep you motivated and make sure that you take the best path to achieving your trade qualification.

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Why An Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship will set you up with a solid career for life, but the best thing of all in the short term is you get to Earn As You Learn.


You get to earn a good wage while you learn the skills you need to advance in your chosen trade.


  • No student debt

  • Internationally recognised and useful qualifications

  • Skills that make you highly employable


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Why Employ An Apprentice?

If you're thinking of hiring an apprentice or just wondering what the advantages would be to you then have a look at what Southern Group Training can do for you.

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