Car Parts Salesperson


A car parts salesperson sells new or used automotive parts and accessories.

Tasks and Duties:

  • helps customers decide what parts and accessories are needed for vehicles
  • looks for parts and orders them if they are not in stock
  • displays stock and keeps the display area tidy
  • keeps records of all parts being sold and stored
  • packs parts and arranges delivery to customers when necessary
  • may deliver and pick up stock for customers and other workshops or departments
  • may order new stock to maintain stock levels
  • may organise advertising and sales promotions
  • may do the banking.


Car parts salespeople need to have record-keeping skills and be well-organised. They also need to have good oral communication skills for dealing with customers, basic maths skills for making calculations, and good handwriting skills. Keyboard skills are useful.


Car parts salespeople need a knowledge of, and interest in cars. They need to keep up to date with different vehicle makes and models, and their parts and accessories. They also need to know about stock management. It is also helpful for car parts salespeople to have some knowledge of computers.

Personal Qualities:

Car parts salespeople have to be good at listening. They should also be enthusiastic and friendly, and when dealing with customers they need to be helpful and patient.

Physical Requirements:

Car parts salespeople need to be neat and tidy in appearance. They need to be reasonably fit because there is some lifting of boxes and car parts involved.

Educational Requirements:

NCEA Level 1 in English, maths, and computing skills is preferred.

Entry Requirements:

A current driver’s license is generally required.

Useful Experience

It can be useful for car parts salespeople to have experience in assembling vehicles, car repair work, car wrecking, or working with money or numbers. A certificate in business or a similar subject may be helpful.

Training on the job

Car parts salespeople gain their skills on the job. They may also complete the Trade Certificate in Autoparts and Accessories. Staff are sometimes required to attend promotional or product evenings held by some suppliers.

Work Places

Car parts salespeople work in storerooms, showrooms and shops. They also travel locally to make deliveries to customers and other departments.


Salary usually ranges between $48,000 and $60,000 per year, depending on experience and knowledge.

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