Getting Started

It is highly recommended that you complete at least NCEA Level 1 in English, maths and science. Graphics and technology are also some other good subjects to have. It is also preferable that you have completed NCEA Level 2 and started progressing through to getting your full drivers license.

If a relevant pre apprenticeship course is available in the trade of your choice it is recommended that you complete Level 3 of your apprenticeship qualification through this option. This will give you a head start into your apprenticeship and makes you more employable.


An apprenticeship is unique in that it offers you the opportunity to earn as you learn. You get paid an hourly wage rate for each and every hour you work. As an apprentice with Southern Group Training your training fees are paid for you, therefore, you should not incur any student debt.

Comparison of earnings and debt
University Apprenticeship Apprenticeship with us
Minimum Wage While Training $0.00 $18.52 per hour (Min. Govt     Training Rate) $20.00 + per hour
Training Fees to Pay varies according to Qualification Free fees until 31/12/2024 Free fees all the time
Student Debt $25,000+ $0.00 $0.00
Salary/wages when finished $45,000 to $55,000 per year Salary (Overtime is not paid) $22+ per hour wage (40 hour week, no overtime = $58,000) $25.00+ per hour wage (45 hour week with overtime = $60,000)
Once you complete your apprenticeship you will still be paid for every hour you work rather than graduate on a salary which requires you to work as many hours as it takes you to complete the work.