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Roofing Apprentice

A roofer repairs or constructs roofs and may do some or all of the following, using a variety of materials such as corrugated iron, tiles, shingles and butyl:

  • remove the damaged iron, tiles or other materials from the roof
  • measure the roof and mark out the work area
  • select and estimate the amount of materials to be used
  • carry the roofing material up to the roof
  • install spouting and downpipes and flashing
  • erect scaffolding and rig safety equipment
  • do minor repairs to the structure of roofs
  • cut roofing materials to size and attach roofing and cladding to buildings
  • work on houses and buildings that are being built, repaired or altered
  • work at heights and outside except when conditions are too dangerous because of rain, wind or snow

Useful experience would include most work in the building and construction industry.

The successful candidate needs to be/have

  • safety conscious
  • comfortable with heights
  • quick and efficient, with an eye for detail
  • able to follow instructions
  • able to work well as part of a team
  • basic math skills
  • organised
  • fit and healthy – some heavy lifting required
  • good hand-eye co-ordination
  • a current drivers licence.

It is preferred that apprentices have three years secondary education with unit standards in maths and English being an advantage.

The successful applicants will gain a New Zealand Certificate in Roofing – Installer (Level 4).

If you are interested, applications are available from our office at 55 Gala Street, Invercargill or on our website.