The Southern Group Training Concept

What do group training companies do?

Group training companies employ apprentices and trainees, placing them with host companies, for their on-job practical training.

  • We find motivated apprentices to meet your requirements, ensuring the person you take on is suited to your workplace and can add value to your business.
  • We employ the apprentice, handling all the administration and paperwork, saving you time, reducing your costs and keeping your training hassle-free.
  • We manage and coordinate the apprentices training and regularly review their progress.
  • We are available to advise and assist with any issues that the host company and apprentice may have.
  • We inform you when the apprentice needs time off to attend off job training.
  • Host companies are invoiced fortnightly for the apprentices hourly rate and an administration fee.

What are the benefits of Group Training

As the employer Southern Group Training:

  • recruits, screens and short lists the applicants, with the host companies making the final selection
  • is responsible for all employment issues, eliminating the burden of paperwork and payroll
  • manages and coordinates the apprentice training to ensure the apprenticeship is completed in an optimum time frame
  • mentors both the apprentice and host company

Who do group training companies employ?

Southern Group Training currently employs over 50 apprentices.

These people have been sourced from a variety of places including schools, training providers, Work And Income and existing employment. Our preference is always for people who have achieved NCEA Level 1 (School Certificate) English, maths and science with a preference for technology (metalwork / woodwork) and graphics (technical drawing).

While the majority of apprentices are aged under 25 years a number of our apprentices have taken advantage of second chance education and are aged 25 to 50 years.

Southern Group Training does endeavour to place apprentices with local companies.

Southern Group Training also provides contract apprenticeship management and assessment services to companies that do not have the available resources.

How do group training companies operate?

Southern Group Training is an independent, non-profit organisation run on commercial business lines. The expense to host employers is minimal and is designed to be cost recovery only.

What core services are provided?

The core activity of Southern Group Training is the recruitment of apprentices and managing their employment and training.
This includes:

  • Arranging and monitoring their on and off job training.
  • Acting as mentors and coaches for both host companies and apprentices.
  • Arranging additional short term placements when necessary to meet all training requirements.
  • Arranging when necessary alternate work placements to provide continuity of training.

Who can use group training?

  • Any company interested in providing on job training for one or more apprentices or trainees, even if only for a relatively short period e.g. 6 months.
  • People of any age seeking an apprenticeship.