Why Southern Group Training?

Southern Group Training takes care of the legwork of hiring and training an apprentice. We can find an apprentice for you, take care of the paperwork, look after any employment issues and reduce the hassles involved with having an apprentice.


Southern Group Training is always actively recruiting potential apprentices for you. We routinely talk to pre apprenticeship classes at Te Pukenga – SIT, we’re actively involved at various Career Expo’s, sponsor competitions, visit schools, assist with gateway programmes, and facilitate students into work experience.

We accept applications from anyone, anytime, with all applicants being invited in for an assessment / overview of apprenticeships, after which an interview is arranged with the appropriate training manager.

Southern Group Training screens apprentice candidates for suitability and provides a measure of careers guidance to them.

We have a close working relationship with our local polytechnic SIT and often refer candidates to them. This results in the candidate having a more relevant and useful skill set when we start looking to place them in an apprenticeship. It also provides them with a basic knowledge and understanding of workplace health and safety.

Host companies are provided with a profile of suitable candidates and offered the opportunity to interview them before making their final selection.

We look for the best “fit” between apprentices and host companies.


Minimise your employment legislation issues with regards to apprentices by having Southern Group Training deal with them for you.

As the employer of the apprentice Southern Group Training is responsible for all employment obligations. These include employment agreements which set out the terms and conditions of the apprentices employment and training agreements which give the apprentice legal status as an apprentice.


Apprenticeships are competency based rather than time based. The emphasis is on achieving competency in the various unit standards required within the qualification, rather than the time spent working as an apprentice.

Southern Group Training manages this whole process including workplace assessments. Our Training Managers are both trade qualified and qualified workplace assessors.


Southern Group Training handles all the apprentice employment and training paperwork letting you concentrate on doing what you do best, running your business.

Tools / Personal Protective Equipment

Southern Group Training makes available a $1,000 interest free tool loan to all its apprentices at the commencement of their employment. We also provide our apprentices with their own Personal Protective Equipment. Which is replaced on an annual or as needs be basis.

We provide you with suitably attired and equipped apprentices.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

Southern Group Training has a pre-employment and just cause alcohol and other drugs testing policy which is a regular feature of our apprenticeship management.

We provide you with apprentices that are fit and able to work.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Any employee has access to our EAP at any time. This is a completely anonymous service free of charge for any employee to use at any time.

Family Harm Prevention

Family harm can also be known as domestic abuse, intimate partner violence or elder abuse.

We recognise that family harm impacts individuals in a variety of ways. Abuse can be made up of acts that impact individuals physically, emotionally, sexually, financially and psychologically: including intimidation, damage to property, or threats of any form of abuse and harassment (Domestic Violence Act 1995, s3).