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Gareth Edlin – Apprentice Heavy Fab Engineer

Gareth completed his secondary education at James Hargest College in 2001 and then completed the 12 week Certificate in Welding course at the Southern Institute of Technology before enrolling in the Level 2 National Certificate in General Engineering. During his pre apprenticeship course Gareth did one day a week on work experience which helped him decide that a career in engineering was for the right career path for him.

Gareth was offered an apprenticeship with Southern Group Training and seconded to Beck Engineering in Wyndham where he is taught the practical skills. The theory elements are taught through weekly evening classes. While Gareth did not have the preferred level of maths competency, NCEA Level 1 and, he has worked hard to bring himself up to speed with the mathematical requirements. Once Gareth has completed the theory assessment for a unit standard he is then able to be assessed in the practical elements, providing that he is able to prove that he is competent in the various tasks. To achieve practical competency Gareth must be able to complete the required practical tasks consistently well, unsupervised, in a commercial timeframe, using safe work practices. This level of competency is gained through practical work experience on job and through a series of block courses which encompass both theory and practical elements.