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Keith Davies – Electronics Apprentice

Having successfully completed his NCEA Level 1 and 2 at James Hargest College, which saw Keith taking electronics in addition to design technology and an Electrical STAR course, it was a natural progression for Keith to complete the electrical pre apprenticeship course at the Southern Institute of Technology during 2004.

Southern Group Training organised work experience for Keith at Next@Southland Electronics. This provided Keith with valuable experience with which to enable him to make a more informed choice in selecting which qualification strand he wished to pursue as a career path. The day a week on work experience also gave the management at Next@Southland Electronics an excellent opportunity to evaluate Keith’s potential for an apprenticeship.

Keith began his electronics apprenticeship at the conclusion of his electrical pre apprenticeship course which effectively covered the material Keith would normally do during the first year of his apprenticeship. The successful completion of the course, therefore, enhanced his employability as he entered the work force having clearly demonstrated his ability to be able to successfully complete his Level 4 National Certificate in Electronics.