Benefits to an Apprenticeship.

Paid regularly

We pay you fortnightly by direct credit to the bank account of your choice. We allow you ten days sick pay per year, which can be taken after 6 months.

Free Training Fees

We pay for all your training fees, including your annual ITO fee, which gives you legal status as an apprentice. We also pay for your training manual and any off job training that you might require.

This training may include e-learning, distance learning (correspondence), evening classes (Te Pukenga – SIT) and/or attending block courses. We not only make the arrangements, we also pay the cost for you to attend and be accommodated while you attend these courses outside of the area you are in. You are also paid your standard 40hr week wage while attending any block course.

Interest Free Tool Loan

We provide you with an interest free tool loan. In return we take small, fortnightly deductions from your wages to recover this cost. The tool loan allows you to put together the basics of a toolkit which means you do not need to borrow tools from anyone when you start out. It is your responsibility to look after your tools.

Personal Protective Equipment

Generally speaking we provide you with 3 pairs of overalls, one pair of safety footwear, earmuffs and protective glasses on an annual basis. The content of your equipment might vary depending on your particular apprenticeship.

Leave Eligibility

While by law you’re eligible for leave after 12 months employment, under Southern Group Training policy we give you leave after three months. You are entitled to 4 weeks annual leave per year in addition to 11 public holidays.

You’re also entitled to 10 days annual sick leave, which you’re eligible for after 6 months.

Employee Assistance Programme

All employees have access to our EAP at any time. This is a completely anonymous service free of charge for any employee to use at any time

Apprenticeship Completion

We’re focused on enabling you to complete your apprenticeship in the optimum time frame. Generally speaking an apprenticeship will take 3-4 years (6000 to 8000 hours) to complete.

Legal Requirements

We take care of all the legal requirements regarding you and your apprenticeship, ensuring that you have legal status as an apprentice, that you have regular assessments of your work, ensuring that you achieve your National Certificate and the completion of your apprenticeship.

We make sure that you get the most out of the work, study and hours you put into your apprenticeship and that you don’t get tripped up by the paperwork requirements.