Pre Apprenticeship Course Information

apprenticeships-pre-trade-informationIf a relevant pre apprenticeship course is available locally in the trade of your choice it is recommended that you complete Level 3 of your apprenticeship qualification through this option. This will give you a head start into your apprenticeship, makes you more employable and reduces the length of time it would take you to complete your apprenticeship.

Level 3 pre apprenticeship courses are usually full time courses lasting between six and ten months. Southern Group Training often contacts the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) looking to recruit students who are about to or have successfully completed a relevant pre apprenticeship course.

The ZERO Fee policy means that students only have to pay a material fee while completing the pre apprenticeship course at SIT. This fee covers the cost of materials used on the course, personal protective equipment, drawing materials and writing materials. It is, therefore, a very cost effective way to kick start your career path as an apprentice.