A roofer repairs or constructs roofs, using a variety of materials such as roofing iron, tiles, shingles and butyl.

Tasks and Duties:

  • removes the damaged iron, tiles or other materials from the roof
  • measures the roof and marks out the work area
  • selects and estimates the amount of materials to be used
  • carries the roofing materials up to the roof
  • attaches the roofing materials to the structure
  • employs and may instruct on safe work practices
  • may install spouting and downpipes
  • may prepare quotes if running their own business


Roofers need to be able to make calculations so they can measure and cut roofing materials to size. They also need to be practical, well-organised and able to follow instructions, and they should have an eye for detail.


Roofers should know about roof construction and repair, different roofing materials such as tiles, corrugated iron and butyl. They should also know the New Zealand Building Code, employment legislation on health and safety, and how to read building plans. A knowledge of basic maths is also helpful.

Personal Qualities:

Roofers need to be safety-conscious, comfortable with heights, and able to work unsupervised. They should also be alert, quick and efficient.

Physical Requirements:

Roofers need strong arms, a strong back, and a reasonable level of health and fitness. They also need good hand-eye co-ordination and a good sense of balance.

Educational Requirements:

NCEA Level 1 in English, maths, graphics and workshop technology is preferred.

Entry Requirements:

A current drivers license is generally required.

Useful Experience

Useful experience for roofers includes any work in the building and construction industry.

Training on the job

Roofers gain their skills on the job and attend block course training.

Work Places

Roofers work on houses and buildings that are being constructed, repaired or altered, and on construction sites.

Further Information

Roofers work flexible hours, which may include weekends. They do not work in the rain.

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